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SWEA in English

SWEA, Swedish Women’s Educational Association is today the largest non-profit organization promoting Sweden abroad with approximately 7000 members in more than 70 chapters in over 30 countries.

Our members are Swedish speaking women who live or have lived abroad. SWEA’s unique international network is an important resource for its members and for the Swedish Multinational Industry.

The mission is to support the Swedish language, culture and tradition as well as to provide a worldwide friendship and a global professional network.

SWEA Holland is the department of SWEA International in the Netherlands. We have about 50 female members in all ages, living in all parts of the Netherlands. View our upcoming events here.

SWEA Holland

Twice a year we publish our own SWEA Holland magazine with lots of interesting and inspiring articles. We send this magazine to all of our members and to several Sweden-related organizations.

It’s possible to advertise on our website. If you would like know what’s possible and suits your goals, please contact us.